What Is An Occupancy Agreement Scotland

Regulated tenants have the strongest rights of any type of private rental. If you think you are a regulated tenant and the landlord asks you to move or sign a new contract, you should immediately contact an experienced advisor, for example in a citizen advice office, as you may lose your rights by signing a new contract – where you can get advice. If you rent out your property, it is your legal obligation to give your tenant a written lease. The latter informs the tenant of all the terms of his rental contract. If you are a service user, you must leave your linked dwelling when you leave your job. However, you should be asked to leave your linked home. The amount of notice of termination you receive may be specified in your employment contract or service contract. As an insured tenant, you have the right to stay in your unit unless the landlord can convince the trial court that there are good reasons to evict. The good reasons for an eviction are rent arrears or damage to property or that one of the terms of the lease has been violated. Learn more about legal proceedings for rent arrears before the Court of First Instance.

Today, this distinction is important because from December 2017 all new private leases in Scotland will be private residential rents (PRTs). Guaranteed and short leases are maintained until the end, as explained here. You should have a lease that explains that you are a private tenant and your rights. Learn more about leasing contracts.

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