Uw Madison Vehicle Use Agreement

Advanced confirmation for vehicles not in possession: individuals must take out, through their personal insurance agent, liability insurance for vehicles assigned in a personal capacity to drive for miles for personal use. What is usually referred to as “Extended Non-Owned Vehicle Endorsement” can be added to the person`s personal auto insurance for a modest effort to isolate a person while operating the rented vehicle for personal miles. Personal use: miles of danger that are not related to university affairs. Shuttle miles are considered personal use. Personal use of a UW fleet vehicle or a state contract rental vehicle is not permitted. Conflict and liability: for leased property that is not served by contract or in situations where no vehicle is available, a non-contractual seller may be used, but collision and liability insurance must be purchased. Vehicle rental The waiver of damage and additional liability insurance must be taken out when renting from suppliers not related to the contract. *For non-U.S. companies Check vehicle rental agreements to determine when standard insurance is offered. In cases where the insurances are not contractual, the necessary guarantees must be acquired and are reimbursed. Mexico does not recognize insurance abroad (U.S. insurance). Therefore, it is necessary for all drivers in the university to obtain adequate liability and reduction of automobile liability before entering Mexico.

This coverage is not offered by the university and must be obtained from the rental agency or an external insurance organization. Drivers should contact risk management for assistance with purchasing insurance for a university vehicle. Driving permission is required for university employees, staff and officers to obtain a personally assigned vehicle. Persons to whom these vehicles have been assigned should contact the Business Office of their institution for any questions concerning related trade and use policies. Information on passenger allowances in all vehicle situations can be found in the table in section 6 C, last line, from UW System Administrative Policy 615, vehicle use and driving authorisation. There are different rules regarding passengers in university-owned vehicles compared to rented or rented vehicles. Drivers who have to stay away from home overnight may use, with the permission of their supervisor, a national vehicle for the types of necessary activities that can be expected of a traveller outside their country of origin. For example, the use of the evening to go to a pharmacy, grocery store, laundromat, fitness center or other places to buy goods or perform activities necessary for the health and well-being of the employee. Vehicle use affects a wide range of issues that affect the university`s workers` liability, ownership and compensation programs. This Directive deals with the requirements for the authorisation of drivers and the use of vehicles during the journey to university. UW System Administrative Procedure 615.A, Driver Authorization Process and Requirements, offers more specificity. See 314 Directive on the use of vehicles/rentals with regard to travel and the need for a driving licence.

Individuals must be allowed to drive reserve fleet vehicles, be reimbursed for personal vehicle-kilometres and rent a vehicle from external suppliers for University Business. Drivers are not allowed to use a national vehicle/fleet for personal use….

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