United Agreement With Pilots

With more drivers, United would be able to use temporarily or faster than expected. United said on September 2 that it plans to involuntarily lay off 16,370 people from the end of this month as the long-term effects of the coronavirus crisis continue to wreak havoc on the airline industry. Of these, 2,850 pilots have been warned that their jobs could disappear if state financial aid to airlines, enshrined in the CARES law, expires at the end of September. Under the agreement, existing hours will be split between the pilot group, meaning most pilots will temporarily work fewer days and earn less money. But the deal ensures the 13,000 United pilots will keep their jobs, Insler said. The agreement was ratified by about 58% of the pilots who voted. The deal, which will be put to a full membership vote this month, will allow older pilots with more than 10 years of experience to use other early separation options and add restrictions to regional airlines. It also ensures the triggering of a wage increase when passenger demand returns. The agreement that should be ratified by union members keeps the current contract intact and has benefits for pilots with seniority, people said. Earlier, United and the union, which represents more than 13,000 pilots, said they had reached an agreement in principle to possibly save jobs, but declined to provide more information as details were still being worked out. There is broad consensus between the parties on extending aid to airlines, but negotiations have been hampered by differences over whether the measure should be part of an autonomous law or a broader package. United Airlines pilots on Monday approved a deal allowing 2,800 of them not to be fired if Congress did not extend a payroll support program created under the Cares Act.

said Todd Insler, chairman of the union`s United Airlines board. Most employees in the aviation sector, whose jobs are being cut, have re-employment rights, usually no management and administrative staff. . . .

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