Subletting Agreement Example

Roommates – A roommate is another person who lives in the same rental property and is usually a signed part of a lease. People who share rent in this way can enter into a colocation contract to clarify their responsibilities. You should include the following sections if you are creating an operating subletting agreement: In many countries, a stay of more than 30 days creates a housing rental agreement. In other words, if the subtenant refuses to pay the rent and refuses to leave, your only way out is to dislodge him by going to the housing court. One thing you can do to avoid this is to include in your rental agreement a time frame that outlines the steps you are willing to take in case of non-payment. Here`s an example: whether you`re a subtenant or a subtenant, always ask for a written sublease agreement. Oral contracts do not take place in court, nor does a signed physical contract.

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