Truck Rental Agreement Philippines

The risk and level of participation (excess) in the damage may be reduced by the acceptance of adequate coverage, unless the damage was caused by a breach of contractual terms or by improper deliberate use of the vehicle. Reduced liability for damage or theft with involvement in the damage (CDW / TP); By accepting this coverage, you can reduce your liability in case of damage or theft and the difference between the excess (franchise) and the total amount of damages. Passenger coverage in the event of an accident (PAI); The driver and passenger are insured in the event of death and disability in the case of the insurance company in which all the lessor`s vehicles are insured. The acquisition of a reduced interest in the injury (CDW) By accepting and paying for this additional coverage, the user can limit his liability for the damage caused to the vehicle. acquisition of grip for damage to tyres, chassis and glass (WUG); This extra cover buys your grip for destroying/damaging tires, wheels or tips, destroying/damaging vehicle chassis and vehicle windows. Acquisition of Global Franchise Responsibility (SCDW); By accepting and paying for this additional coverage, the user can continue to limit his overall liability in case of damage to the vehicle. SCDW does not cover: destruction/deterioration of tires, wheels or chewers, destruction/deterioration of the vehicle`s landing gear, cockpit (unless the passenger compartment is damaged in the event of an accident), all windows and any uns recording damage. By signing the rental agreement, the User authorizes the lessor to charge the credit card holder any charges, losses or losses up to the deductible or the total amount of damages if the User has not complied with these General Conditions, including those discovered after the vehicle has returned and which the User has not informed the Owner according to the procedure of stopping the vehicle. The insurance does not cover any damage used in high-risk areas or in war zones or in cases where the rental car is used outside the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in transit in the city of Neum, during ferry transport and on the islands, without the written consent of the owner. Vehicles containing tyres, tools, equipment, accessories and vehicle documents are not included in the LESSEE. It is delivered to LESSEE only for rental purposes and is in good working order.

THERE IS NO GUARANTEE, EXPLICIT OR IMPLIED, AS TO MARKET ABILITY OR SUITABILITY FOR A PARTICULAR USE OF A VEHICLE COVERED BY THIS AGREEMENT. i. Between the parties, it is considered that THE LESSOR is not the manufacturer or supplier of the latter. Lessee assumes full responsibility for the selection of equipment and THEORS is in no way regarded as a guarantee, insurance or inducement or compliance with laws, rules, specifications or contracts. The rights of the LESSEE relating to the manufacturer`s guarantees, conditions or guarantees are directly invoked with the LESSEE against the manufacturer or supplier who is solely responsible for them. In this context, LESSOR authorizes the LESSEE to take legal action against the manufacturer or supplier on its behalf.

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