Basic Ordering Agreement Procurement

The NIC Agency considers that the prices indicated in the BOA are only indicative. Therefore, before any purchase through BOA, the NCI Agency will go directly to the potential supplier and request a fixed price offer for each specific requirement. A BOA is a two-pronged contractual procedure. First, the NIC Agency and the company enter into a framework agreement that defines all the fundamental provisions of the treaty. This phase also includes the signing of a preferential customer declaration. Potential suppliers also indicate a number of goods and services against which retail volumes can be ordered. Before signing a BOA, national authorities must provide a declaration of authorization to the company. Reason for change – Does not apply to a basic contract. Select the value when notifying a change to a basic contract. (i) to place orders under basic order contracts on The Optional Form (OF) 347, on ordering supplies or services, or on any other appropriate contractual instrument; Select “No-Service where PBA is not used” if the purchase of services is made, but the PBA standards mentioned above are not met. Select “Not applicable” for contractual actions that are primarily intended for deliveries.

(iii) to sign or obtain the current justifications and authorizations, as well as all findings and findings, and to meet other requirements covered in point 1.602-1 (b), as if the contract were a contract entered into independently of a basic order agreement. 2. Each basic order agreement is reviewed and, if necessary, reviewed annually before the anniversary of its entry into force, in order to meet the requirements of this Regulation. Basic agreements may need to be reviewed prior to annual review based on mandatory legal requirements. A basic contract is changed only by modification of the contract itself and not by individual contracts awarded under the contract. Changing a basic contract has no retroactive effect on previously past contracts. d) orders. A contract agent representing all government activities listed in a basic order agreement may contract for necessary supplies or services under this agreement. Labour Standards (former Service Contract Act) – If the premium is subject to labour standards (FAR 22.10), select “yes.” If the price is subject to labour standards, but FAR 22.10 requirements have not been met, select “No.” Select “No applicable” if the dollar threshold is not reached, if the supply does not cover services, or if one of the exceptions to 22.1003-3 or 22.1003-4 applies. The CLAUSE FAR 52.222-41 “Laboratory Standards” – this also applies to laboratory contract service standards (former service contract law). Mod No – Default `0` for a basic contract.

Enter a unique value if you declare a change to a basic contract. The change number should start with one (A) or one (P). The length must be made up of six characters.

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