Roku Developer Agreement

12.4. They provide legally appropriate subtitles for all materials prescribed by law to be titled. If the material provided below is not listed under the title, you will provide Roku with written confirmation by email to that these materials do not require captioning that must contain a clear and concise explanation of the absence of a subtitled caption. You agree that the provisions of this section will be the mechanism by which you will inform Roku of the materials required by law to carry subtitles. 8.2. You may allow entrepreneurs to develop applications on your behalf, but such applications must belong to you, be submitted under your own development program account and distributed only as applications, as is expressly permitted. For clarity, if the person filing an application under this Agreement is not an officer, employee or other legal representative of the unit that owns or controls your trademarks and contents (. B for example, if that person is a contractor responsible for building a Roku channel for such an entity), that person must use a Roku development account controlled by that organization to file such an application. Filing an application under a developer account that is not controlled by the entity that owns or controls the use of your trademarks and contents may result in the forfeiture of your application and/or its reallocation to that entity and you free Roku from any claim, claim or other act resulting from forfeiture and/or reassignment. You are responsible to Roku for the activities of your contractual partners in connection with your developer program account and their compliance with this Agreement.

All acts that arise from your contractual partners are considered taken by you and you (in addition to your contractors) you are responsible for all acts of this type. 26. No advertising. They will not issue a press release or public communication on the purpose of this agreement or publish the evolution or availability of an application without Roku`s prior written consent, both on its merits and in time, at Roku`s sole discretion. Any request for approval of a press release or other public notice must be submitted to, no less than five business days before the proposed publication date, and Roku`s authorization, if granted, must be obtained in writing prior to publication. 17.1. They ensure and guarantee that: a) you have the capacity, capacity and power to conclude this Agreement; (b) you have obtained all the rights, licenses and authorizations necessary to comply with the obligations and agreements you have defined in this agreement; (c) You will not act within your obligations under this Agreement in a manner that is in conflict or impinges on existing obligations or obligations that you may have; and (d) no agreement you have previously entered into will affect the performance of your obligations under this Agreement.

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