Pondicherry Agreement

India and France, on 13 October 1954, after talks, issued a joint declaration announcing a decision procedure on the status of the French colonies. Five days later, on 18 October 1954, the elected members of the assembly of representatives and the municipal councils of Pondicherry and Karakkal participated in a referendum in Kizhur. Of the 178 members with the right to vote, an overwhelming majority of 170 members voted in favour of merging the Franco-Indian territories with the Republic of India. Three days later, in New Delhi, an agreement was signed between the two countries on the de facto transfer of French territories to India. The Indian government agreed with the continuation, on 1 November 1954, of French institutions of a scientific or cultural nature in the French settlement park, in agreement with the two governments, on the granting of similar facilities. The equivalences of French diplomas and diplomas awarded to persons belonging to French organizations, namely “Baccalaureat”, “elemental patent”, “undergraduate certificate” with diplomas and diplomas issued by Indian universities, are accepted by the Indian government for admission to higher education and higher administrative careers. This equivalence is determined in accordance with the recommendations of the Joint Committee on Education, which was appointed by both governments in accordance with the agreement of October 21, 1954. The same applies to law and medical degrees awarded in companies. The purely local character must be recognized under normal conditions.

In 1947, India`s independence gave impetus to the union of France`s Indian possessions with the former British India, and an agreement between the French government and the Indian government in 1948 provided that the inhabitants of the Indian property of France would choose their political future. In fact, the bureaucracy was united with Indian unity on November 1, 1954, and in 1963 the De jure Union of French India was held with the Indian Union. As part of the process, Chandronagor decided to merge with Karaikal and Pondicherry as the territory of the Union in the Indian Union. India`s independence in 1947 gave a boost to the union of France`s Indian possessions with the former British India. An agreement between France and India in 1948 provided that the inhabitants of France`s Indian possessions would choose their political future. The de jure Union of French India with the Indian Union took place only 1962. In fact, on November 1, 1954, the bureaucracy had been united with Indian unity. It was organized in 1963 as the territory of the Union. Puducherry is part of India today. Private institutions that existed in French institutions on 1 November 1954 can continue to exist and preserve the possibility of French education.

They continue to receive grants from communities and other organizations at least equivalent to those granted on November 1, 1954. They will be able to obtain unimpeded assistance that the French government, in agreement with the Indian government, may want to grant. Any difference of opinion regarding the application or interpretation of this treaty, which cannot be resolved through diplomatic negotiations or arbitration, is submitted to the International Court of Justice at the request of either High Contractant Party.

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