Asu Articulation Agreements

Questions or Transfer Request Guide RefreshersContact Information -Academic Transfer Credit SolutionsWebsite: tcg.asu.eduemail: articulation@asu.eduphone number: (480) 727-2424 TAG and GPA partnerships are renamed MyPath2ASU. The transfer guide remains unchanged and students still have the option to create a transfer card, but the link changes on the home page. In addition, transfer students receive updated messages that include marketing around MyPath2ASU. For more information, see the document below. If you have any questions about transfer courses, please contact Path questions can be sent to Thank you very much! Degree Audit Reporting System – DARS stands for Degree Audit Reporting System. DARS is an audit system at the University of Miami in Ohio. DARS is one of many degree audit systems, but it has been selected for ASU because it includes transfer operations (transferarulation) and allows us to show great flexibility in the design of audits. For more information, see the attached document (which contains additional information on state-wide equality states). You can also contact us at or 480-727-2424. There is a process document that shows how international courses are evaluated.

If you have any questions, please contact or call us (480) 727-2424. If you missed the SAO Course Evaluations webinar, you can view the recorded presentation below. For any questions, please contact Thank you very much! Please ask questions about this change at If you have any questions about the process, email or call 480-727-2424. Arkansas State University participates in a national articulation agreement that allows students to enter into a business science association at two-year institutions in Arkansas and move to the College of Business at A State, Phone: 870-972-2030 Fax: 870-972-2036 Room: 202 Administration Building Postal Address: PO Box 179 State University, AR 72467 East attached a document containing information on how to determine which service unit can help in case of transfer/course issues. If you have any questions, email or call us at (480) 727-2424. TG/XR – One of the transfer routes available to students at Arizona Public Community College. Means “Transfer Guide – Exceptional Requirements.” There are six different ways you can follow depending on the degree you choose.

The paths are designed in such a way that all the credits that are included in the path apply to obtaining a diploma in the majors of the bachelor`s degree, with which the path is articulated … . Research focuses on intellectual curiosity, satisfies the thirst for discovery and offers a way out of creativity. Lisa McIntyre, Ph.D. Executive Director Office of Provost Arizona State University 480-727-6799 Academic Transfer Credit Solutions will host a refresher Webinars transfer evaluation series this summer on various topics of course evaluation. Most updates will only be 30 minutes and you can choose an option that matches your program. The various topics are listed below and registration links are available in the flyers. Don`t hesitate to share the flyers with everyone interested. Thank you very much! A maximum of 64 hours of credit are accepted as a subdivision credit if they are transferred by a regionally accredited community, college or two-year college, with the exception of certain special programs. An unlimited number of credit hours are accepted by four-year institutions.

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